Friday, March 11, 2011

Work is going forward

Many improvements has been made to the UI since the last update, so now I'm working on the gameplay. Boats are coming up next.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Soon 1000 lines of code!

A bit down on the road is made, now there is about 1000 lines of code :P
Not too much but it's still a start (Feels like I'm quoting my first post :D)

You ought to love SVG!

It might seem weird, but I've never really thought of using an svg editor before, last week when I was reading some documents about Android Developement, I saw that they where using svg to create the icons, so I thought of downloading it, and here I am using it for the game! Mostly for UI though, but I think it can be put to use in some other places to :p
Those who are into XNA, might think "WTF??? SVG and XNA???", simple enought, there is an exporter :D

Monday, March 7, 2011

Your UI was ordered

Designing a bit on the UI today, got a "nice" cursor, an info panel, some round circles :P, and some kind of info panel. You could tell I'm not a designer :P

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The islands are fixed, and the console is almost done, what now, oh right, the game

Oops, I didn't thought my bad joke would be sooo long!

I've just finished fixing the islands, and the console just got one bug! Whoa?!
Now, focus on the rest of the game :P

Islands beign re-done

Unfortunatly, after figuring that creating dynamic forests on the islands at runtime would be a too big obstacle, I figured that it would probably better that I broke down the islands into smaller steps, like
Island 1 - With Dock and Large Forest, Island 1 - With Dock and Medium Forest, e.t.c.

But it did take some time for me to figure all the work that would be needed to be done, for just a single island. But I think that the result, and ease of use in code by this, will pay off!

Developement started!

As recent as last week, me and my friend came up with the idea of creating a turn based strategy game for more than one player, that would be fun for more than just one player. I begun developing the game the same day, and soon had a greate base engine to build around, at the moment it features:
  • 2D Graphics
  • A debug console
  • Custom maps in just plain XML
  • Threaded loading
  • A basic TCP socket-based server
It isn’t too much, but hopefully that will change in a near future.